Who we are, how we started.

What is Crafts and Cramps?

We are an artist collective and we create art to spark a conversation about Menstrual Health.

Apart from creative and educational events, we mainly do so by visualizing what has been doomed a secret for too long!

In our space in Berlin we create our bloody bags, period postcards, our unique handembroidery pieces and whatever else we think needs to be in the focus. 

Why we're here

Periods already suck enough without making them this huge taboo! 

We want to: 

Empower ・Create ・ Motivate ・Understand ・Connect ・Believe ・Support ・Network ・Exchange ・Share ・Love ・Rethink ・Educate ・Unlearn

Our Story short & sweet: 

  • The Beginning

    Winter 2016

    I painted a period themed picture. A friend got so offended over it that I knew: We need to normalize Menstruation!

  • Bring the Action

    Spring 2017

    I started the first steps that would get Crafts and Cramps into action. The project "Just Blood" was born. I started to educate myself more about menstrual health.

  • First Market

    Summer 2017

    First time being at a market, talking to absolute strangers about Crafts and Cramps in real life!

  • Fuck Yeah!

    Fall 2017

    The first "fuck yeah" moment: Interview with Ms Magazine! Other interviews followed. My embroidery got to another level. I connected with the heroines of menstrual health all over the world.

  • Crafts and Cramps x Abendschau

    Winter 2017

    The RBB Abendschau did a feature about us for the International Womens Day!

  • The Menstrual Health Hub

    Spring 2018

    The MMH and I connected, I had the first talk about Crafts and Cramps in front of living people!

  • We are all over the place

    Summer 2018

    We created a feminist statement shirt with Jyoti Fair Works that is fair in every aspect! We connected with the GoalGirls, painted the red tent and talked about periods at festivals.

  • Bloody Snail-Mail anyone?

    Fall 2018

    Our "Period Postcard" line is available at our favorite bookstore Ocelot,

  • Website & Etsy Shop

    Winter 2018

    This Website was born! We finally got our Online Shop running. Awesome things are in the making, get excited!

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