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Together with Jyoti we created a feminist statement shirt that actually deserves to be called feminist!

Jyoti - Fair Works describes itself as a socially and ecologically sustainable fashion label, where the main focus is on people, not on profit. It's all about producing fairly and sustainably. And perhaps most importantly: 
Behind the scenes there are incredible women in Team India as well as in Team Germany.

From now on, this can also be seen in front of the scenes, because: the "Feminist Statement Shirts" are here!


(Photo: Janosch Kunze Model: Zoe Camille)

Jyoti founder Jeanine and I have known each other since I interviewed her for a radio report almost five years ago. 
Since then, I have been the proud owner of various Jyoti products and work mainly with their wonderful fabrics in embroidery.

empowered women* stickerei

In conversations about our projects and plans, we came across the downright absurd commercialization of the feminist movement. I believe making feminism visible, for example through print shirts, on bags or with patches is important. Art and fashion can bring themes out of their own bubble, strengthen them and visualize social movements.

What is difficult is the way in which this has happened in recent years. For example, a T-shirt produced under inhuman conditions and distributed by fast-fashion chains can never be feminist. The imprint "Feministin" doesn't change that either!

Finally, the question arose: "How can a T-shirt with a feminist message really be feminist? What we wanted was a statement shirt that was produced in a fair and sustainable way and really deserved the imprint "feminist!

Actually, everything was ready for it, after all, that's exactly the core of Jyoti.

In addition, Jyoti has already gained some experience with hand-embroidered products in recent years and women in India have also repeatedly expressed the wish to be able to pursue this beloved activity more intensively again.

For a few weeks I experimented with ideas, colours, catchwords and finally we found two motifs that the women in the India team wanted to embroider. Two motifs that said what we wanted to visualize and that we also found beautiful.

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(Photo: Janosch Kunze Model: Zoe Camille)

Now, almost a year later, they're here: the "Feminist Statement Shirts" by Jyoti - Fair Works x Crafts and Cramps: 


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