Massolit Discussion

"Speaking of Cramps: Breaking the Taboo on Menstruation" a talk at Massolit Books & Café in Krakow

Massolit is an independent English-language bookstore, both used and new, located in Krakow's old town and definitly one of our favorite places in Krakow. Therefore we were more than excited when Lynn Suh invited us for a talk about the tabu on menstruation at the here.

(picture by Adam Schorin)

It was a beautiful sunday evening and we were so glad to see how many people were interested to hear us talk about Crafts and Cramps and the taboo on periods. The room was packed and the engery great. We talked about some history of the taboo, the negative effects of it in terms of access to products and information, cycle awareness and just the general need to break the shame. Afterwards we had great questions and discussions, for example about periods around the world, some similar and some very different experiences. 

(Foto Adam Schorin)

It was a wonderful talk for us and we are so thankful to everyone that was there. We are looking forward to some more bloody events here in Krakow.

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